I started CrossFit with Travis O'Connor over 3 years ago. When I walked into Travis’s gym, I was a mess. I was 36 and was facing serious medical challenges with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression, and probably the start of some alarming Alcohol Dependency issues. I had left an abusive relationship and my self esteem was in the gutter. I had been told by my doctor that my lifestyle choices were slowly killing me and my time was running out.

I came to Travis with the intentions of going through the motions to try to get healthy. I watched people lifting weights and completing movements that my body was probably NEVER going to be able to do. What I found here was a community of wonderful and supporting people that have become my family; people that believe in my abilities and support me even when I don’t. And somehow, they know if I need them to cheer me on, or to give me a little space.
Immediately after the first week, I knew that this was what I wanted. I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to face the challenges of a hard workout and leave feeling like I had accomplished something. Travis was a knowledgeable coach that gave me constructive criticism and even explained WHY I needed to do things a certain way. After working on the movements and the workouts, I became more interested in changing my diet…. Fueling my body rather than eating. I found the tools here to learn about nutrition. I found support and other people like me that just want to be BETTER.

It is now 3 years later, I have participated in 3 tournaments, one of which was the Granite Games. Yes… I actually completed in front of large crowds of people, which would have been impossible three years ago. I have conquered movements and lifts that I never dreamed that I would. My doctor informs me that I have a “BEAUTIFUL” heart, and I have not had to start ANY medication. The meek and mild woman that slunk in the door to discuss a gym membership isn’t here anymore. Instead, I feel beautiful and alive, healthy, and surrounded by a community that cares about and supports me. My two daughters participate with me, and encourage me. It has strengthened our relationship to do something like this together. Sometimes, the girls even call me a BEAST.

This gym, this gym owner, this community has changed my life. It has been a long journey with Travis. I don’t even think he knows that he saved my life. But he did. And his gym did. I love this place.

Laury Lau
Sioux City, IA




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